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Thank you for visiting our website. You will find information on pre-arrangements, funeral services, obituaries, upcoming community events, local florist and accommodation information, as well as our business history on our website. If you do not find the information you are seeking, please feel free to call us. We are available to assist you with pre-need or current need funeral arrangements, cemetery markers, transferring pre-arrangments and are always happy to assist you in any other way we can.

If you or a loved one preplanned a funeral If you or a loved one preplanned a funeral with Sequatchie Valley Memorial Funeral Home, you need to be aware that you have the choice about which funeral home provides those services when the time comes. All prearrangements are fully transferrable to Rogers Funeral home and we would be honored to serve your family during that most difficult time. We have been providing the best in dignified and affordable services to families in this area for over 83 years and will ensure that your memory or that of your loved one is honored in every way you choose. Contact us at 423-837-7176 and we can help you make this easy change.


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