Father's Day Grief

Help with your grief at Father's Day

In just a few weeks, most families will circle the backyard barbecue pit or their favorite fishing hole to honor dad. But for others, Father's Day is a painful reminder that dad is no longer around.    It doesn't have to be that way. You can honor dad with a special tribute while making progress in the natural process of grieving by creating a Memory Book about him. Even when you are separated by distance, memories, stories and photos can still be easily created and shared.

Losing a father is devastating, and the holiday to honor fathers only gives your family one more day to realize how much you miss him. But instead of grieving, you can discover the power story has to help you heal. Sharing photos and memories, and taking part in meaningful activities centered on your father's life and tradition, will make this a more meaningful day for you.

Though it can be difficult -- especially if your loss is sudden or recent -- remembering dad openly and together will help your appreciation for your father grow. And you will be comforted as you hear the things that others remember most about your dad - stories you've never heard before, or forgotten.

Even when dads aren't with us, shared activities and mementos are ways to reaffirm, honor and cherish our relationship. What better tribute or timeless memorial gift than a memory book that captures the essence of Dad, grows with time, and can be passed from one generation to another?

Ideas for Father's Day:

* Recall your earliest memories of Dad, and ask others to share their memories -- how they met, times shared, anecdotes and turning points.

* Record those memories and stories as a book, scrapbook, or in an iMemoryBook 'time capsule' - http://www.memories-are-forever.org/imemorybook/tribute.htm - so Dad can be honored and remembered on his day year after year.

* Write a letter to him about significant and everyday life events, his influence ... or, family members can write letters that focus on their most meaningful experiences with him. Compile them; add new ones to your father's Memory Book every year.

* Dig out a family photo album -- or create one that's all about Dad; share memories of the snapshot moments. Record them as photo captions for your book.

* Create a memory box with keepsakes to treasure with your Memory Book-- these items will add a special significance to other special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions.

* Share memories with children and grandchildren; invite their contributions so that they're a part of the family legacy that will always include dad.

Article by: Janell Vasquez