Traditional Funeral Service

This type of funeral , often referred to as a "traditional" funeral, usually includes a viewing or visitation and formal funeral service, use of a hearse to transport the body to the funeral site and/or cemetery, and burial or entombment of the remains. In more recent times, the Traditional Funeral Service may involve cremation rather than burial. In addition to the funeral home's basic services, this type of service includes embalming and dressing the body; use of the funeral home for the viewing and service, and use of vehicles to transport the family.

Direct Burial

The body is buried soon after death, usually in a simple container. No viewing or visitation is involved, and no embalming is necessary. a memorial service may be held at the graveside or later. Direct burial usually costs less than the "traditional" full-service funeral. Costs include the funeral home's basic service fee, as well as transportation and care of the body, the purchase of a casket or burial container and cemetery plot or crypt.