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Billingsley, Norma Turner 4/20/2014    
LaPaglia, Vanessa Marie 4/16/2014    
Smith, Barbara Duckett 4/15/2014    
American Veteran Cantrell, Jerry Bill 4/5/2014    
Bryan, David Burton 4/2/2014    
Hill, Thomas David 4/1/2014    
King, Peggy Doris 3/25/2014    
American Veteran Bivins, James William 3/11/2014    
King, Ruth Thomas 3/5/2014    
Fitz-Gerald, Jr., Michael 2/28/2014    
Robinson, James Willie 2/27/2014    
Greene, Emma Lois Griffith 2/16/2014    
Gill, Betty Sue Gray 2/14/2014    
American Veteran Baker, Sr., William Russell 2/11/2014    
Williford, Carrie Howard 2/10/2014    
Thompson, Wanda Rae 2/1/2014    
American Veteran Traub, Michael James 1/30/2014    
Chance, Gloria Bellomy 1/27/2014    
McNabb, Ethleen Sitz 1/27/2014    
Pellam, Maina Darden 1/26/2014    
Rogers, Mary Simmons 1/26/2014    
Lassiter, William H. 1/25/2014    
Durham, Wyhonia Lynn 1/16/2014    
American Veteran Jordan, John L. 1/10/2014    
Atwell, Philip 'PJ' 12/30/2013    

 - American Veterans